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Download Link : Morrowind Console Scripts
Version : 1.1
Category : Miscellaneous
Since some keyboards such as ones on laptops for newer OS they " key will not work in the game. Now with this plug-in it can do console commands by using " in them by editing the plug-in in the CS or MWEdit and then in game just type out in the console "startscript consoleopen" and it will say select script and then it will run. You can have up to 8 scripts at a time. To make console commands open it up in the CS or MWEdit. You may have to use Tribunal and Bloodmoon and other plug-ins and master files. Then go to scripts and then edit the script called CONSOLESCRIPT and then in there it will say what you need to do.

Construction Set Or MWEdit

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data files folder.

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