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Download Link : Sexdarkness-Sexlivion for Girls and Boys
Version : 1.18
Category : Quests And Adventures
Please be patient on me responding to comments I work 8 to 5 right now and a couple hours extra on wednesday and Sunday...

UPDATE! 06/19/2011 1.18 (See change log for details...)

COMPATIBILITY: (since I get this asked a lot)
Better Cities is compatible (the versions I tried. Feel free to link me to your version if it isn't)
Open Cities (including revamped) is compatible - Alisia will be moved appropriate to not break main quest.
Personality Idles (other idle mods) - My esp MUST be after it in load order then both work.
Tresspassing mods - Some will make you unable to talk to eletta, this has been fixed BUT you must have version 20 of OBSE for that fix

If you have a feature request not listed below please use the discussion topic tab "Feature Request" for this.

To DO List:
* Redo/Add Animations
* Looking into the Pregnancy mod
* Adding Books with Story and Pictures
* Adding quests with regular game usable rewards (This will be last on my list to do)
* "Match Maker" Spell that will have NPC have sex with each other (needs sounds and ability to do emergency stop)
* Voices for Cherry (and possibly others)
* Make Inn grow from original size to mine

Laguages offered so far: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch


Anyone that speaks English well and another langauge send me a PM. I'd love to offer this in other langauges, I can use google but machine translation leaves something to be desired... Also Anyone interested in doing voice acting for it let me know. I have someone already for Cherry but she hasn't gotten back to me yet with sound files, but it can't hurt to have a couple options for voice style.

Current Status: Majorly redoing anims... Checking Compatibility with some popular mods and specific mentioned ones. Adding quests and extra content.



I will take no responsibility for anything it does to you or your save game. Please back up saves before using. As Oblivion has a tendency to crash occassionaly I'd suggest saving often and in seperate slots.

I am not sure how loading a saved game of sexdarkness / sexlivion will react with this version, I do however think you'll lose all thin sperm and two lowest sex soups. Other than those three potions I don't think anything else will be effected but not sure. I will do some testing.

I noticed that ALOT of NPCs are set by default to respawn (which then removes all knowledge of character) This was a bug with original I hopefully fixed by making certain items into quest items, but at times an NPC might still forget. I've been away for days from respawning ones after change and they remembered...

Using Temptation on a person on uneven ground or very close to object while facing it, may cause them to align badly even trapping them in object. NPcs tend to free themselves though, but sometimes can die so try to pick an appropriate spot ;)

Note Sounds are female only I need to find some male ones... So male on male sounds off (Files are there just need changed)

About Sedarkness

The original sexdarkness incorporated the quest line and functionality of Sexlivion with the camera and spell in xlovers. The player could instigate a sex mini game with npcs to complete these quests. Xlovers just plays the animations without player involvment or reason. The Moonlight Inn is a bordello and in trouble and you must use your special skills to save it from financial ruin.

The original was highly incompatible, and had only one PC animation for Sexual Temptation.

About this mod

My mod takes sexdarkness and give it much more functionality/compatibility, including allowing all sexes to play with each other. Female PCs can now play as well. I have added difficulty options and many other customizations to make it a much more enjoyable experiencce for all without needing to cheat.

I also adding some new features, and working on new quests. I also plan on adding sounds for cherry's voice in the future.


1. Unzip and copy the files in my data directory to your oblivion data directory.

2. If you do not have the universal skeleton or one that is compatible then installed copy files in skeleton\data directory to your obilivion data directory

3. Only choose one version ESP or ESM. If you use ESM version on older version you will lose all previous items and quest status.Copy the data directory under one of them to your oblivion directory

Overwrite original esp if asked (Deactivate if named different). Use OBMM to activate the Sexdarkness.esp and move it lower than any other mod that adds idle animations as some might conflict (This shouldn't stop the others from working)

IF you choose ESM version then look in the options folder and copy/activate the esp files you wish to use.

Non HGEC Body Compatibility:
SexDarknessTailSlot.esp This makes female strap-ons use tail slot (Races with tails will lose tails during sex.)
SexDarknessAmuletSlot.esp This makes female strap-ons use the amulet slot (note that amulet will be unequipped before and reequipped after automatically.)
SexDarknessModern.esp This adds books with modern type stories

Requirements (no have no play!)

OBSE ( & Pluggy (

Universal Silent voice by Elys (

ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated ( AND/OR OBMM ( or - For texture file invalidation

Optionals (Install these before SexDarkness If you use them)

HGEC/Exnem's female body replacer (

AMB - All Male Bodies - Robert Body Replacer Compilation (

Slof's Boners! v5 by AlienSlof ( (Install mine after)


Tenb1 for the english Guide/translation. (

The unnamed Japanese author(s) of the original sexlivion mod (

addk1k for SexDarkness (

xdarkness (xdarknesslovers)

Elfdraken (Translation and fixes of esp for Sexdarkness)

Exnem for the most EXCELLENT female body replacer and textures!

Elys. for her Universal silent voice

Nayanak for strap-ons For exnems

Anonymous For Male Sound Files

Gomstar for letting me poke at his Upper Class mod

Thanks to Old Book for his insight

gavrilla for the posters (Many Mods)

ShadeMe for the CSE (

The unnamed Japanese author(s) of Lover's for PK mod

Thank you to Defmotion3 for use of his wonderful animations

Gitanes for being a play testing God and repoting a lot of the bugs Ive fixed/fixing :D

unknown (sexlivion), xdarkness (xdarknesslovers), addk1k (SexDarkness), Tenb1 (Guide/Translation), and me

Phalzyr - You may make modification to my mod and redistribute it all you want just give me credit ;)

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