Sexlivion - FULL ENGLISH Version plus hitchikers guide - tenb1 - original sexlivion mod and addons are not mine obviously

Download Link : Sexlivion - FULL ENGLISH Version plus hitchikers guide
Version : v1.0
Category : Animation
ACHTUNG!!!! The following has ADULT content! If you are underage or offended by Sexual material, walk away now!

DISCLAIMER: I will not provide any form of support for this mod except for the translated ESPand take no responsibility for anything it does to you or your save game.

Update #5 : Added Sexlivion Full english v1 ESP ONLY to files download

Well people here it is at last, the FULLY ENGLISH .esp of this amazing mod. Please note for those Japanese hawks out there...I apologise in advance that some of the text, due to lack of an english reference to certain elements of Japanese culture, I had to take liberties on some parts of conversations :p

Please see below for all the details of my upload, and yet again I shall reiterate ; I WILL NOT upload the original mod here because I have NO PERMISSIONS from the original author(s) and I CANNOT locate him/her. masterlover has already kindly provided a mirror where you can download the whole mod.

Note to scripters : I tried translating all the script comments but almost went insane halfway, whatever I did translate is there...have mercy on me and don't ask me to do them all, I already got the most important ones down :p

Also I HIGHLY encourage you to use Ely's Universal silent voice, some of the text is very long and you may not have enough time to read it (due to the 2 sec voiceless subtitle rule in Oblivion) I tried adding additional lines but Ely's mod will solve all your problems, check the Optionals section below for more details

As for the repeated animations in positions 6 to 10, I've done an insert in them already (check the screenshots), but that would require permissions again, so I can tell you how to add it yourself in CS but please don't expect me to release it here (unless you can get permissions for me :p)

Also, please note that now that everything is in english I have removed redundant parts of this guide, if you want the original guide for Sinderella's 0.9 ver I've included it in the downloadable

If anyone wants to form a mod team to further enhance this project (Assuming it's an abandoned mod) let me know

Ok anyhow, check below for further deatils....

Update #4 : Replaced the russian mirror with a filefront one, thanks goes to masterlover for his help on that! password for the file is : gs (Check the comments page for details of the file)

also for people commenting - please help me to deal with the trolls.....more time for me to finish the mod as opposed to trying to report and/or reply to EVEERYONE who posts &%#% or put trash ratings, only to realise that they are only trolling and talking trash for the sheer pleasure of being unreasonable or because they don't know/understand/care what 'WALK AWAY NOW!' in the warning I stated above means.....sigh.

anyway thanks for your help in advance,and I promise you I'm working as fast as I can... :)
Update #3 : If it's possible, I'd love it if anyone who knows who the orignal creator of the mod could contact him/her, I'd would love to have his/her blessings before I post my final FULL ENGLISH version of the mod here... Let me know eh?

Update #1 : I added screenies of what this mod has the potential to do.....I hadn't expected to do so many and with a sort of running story/commentary, but I'll blame it on photographer's finger (*snap* *snapsnapsnapsnap*) *cough*

In anycase If you are wondering, the mod DOES NOT align you with the girl nor do you get frozen in place during the act, [console commands : tfc, tcl and tm are your friends ;)

Some of the pics are skillfully manouvered shots using and an animation file INSIDE sexlivion that the player cannot normally access, I just needed to grease the code a weee bit to make that work.
For you animation modders out there there it is under 4 files that are used only once from Alisia's quest : revover the stolen sperm (DogStyle1/2/3/4.kf)

Also I forgot to mention that I'm using Slofs Boners ( designed for Robert's male body v5 (which I don't have because it's not released yet, hence some camera angles will see desync and missing lines around the waist)

Well I took a look at this mod ingame and prodded it's insides over the last 2 days and I guess I roughly understand how it works. I've even undertaken to translate the mod in it's proper context in english (as opposed to just spittooing out the literal Jap>Eng translation...which usually results in joyful garbage "it cums the japanese cedar" anyone? ;)

However, I will not post the file up here as I do not have permission nor do I (currently) feel like looking for the original mod maker with in hand.

What I WILL try to do is spell out exactly how this minigame works and its quirks and mirks and maybe later on just paste out all the conversation pieces...

BTW if you do get it to work it is one of THE most AMAZING and intricate pieces of scripting you may lay eyes on, not inclusive of animations and all that jazz.

Stand by for wall of text ;)

Table of contents - SEE HERE FOR UPDATES

1) Prerequisites - UPDATED

2) Installation - UPDATED

3) Summary

4) Characters

5) Sex System

6) Brief walkthrough

7) Sidequests / Achievements

8) Moonlight Inn companions primer

9) Using special abilities

10) Soup exchange (trading sperm with Cherry) - REMOVED

11) Console commands

12) Acknowledgements - UPDATED

Prerequistes - UPDATED

Required plugins (no have no play!)

Sexlivion 0.4a ( or just check the mirror....

OBSE ( - If you don't have this one I suggest you get it, or don't bother with this mod at all

OBMM ( - Unless you know how to manually archieveinvalidate stuff yourself

Optionals (But it wouldn't be much fun without them)

HGEC/Exnem's female body replacer (

Robert's male body replacer v4 or greater (

Slof's Boners v5 (

Universal Silent voice by Elys ( :NOTE if you want to take your time to read the quest/dialogue texts you NEED THIS.

Oblivion Pose Pack and Erotic Oblivion Pose Pack ( -for that extra 'oomph'


This is a fairly straightforward install, just copy the meshes, textures and sound folders to your data folder and make sure that you are using the Sexlivion_0.4a_Full_English_v1.esp from [Sexlivion 0.4a Full English v1].

Activate it in OBMM and you are good to go.


Alot of what I will tell you from here on out may not have word for word exactness as the transmangleation in the 0.4a English .esp file, but the context is accurate.

Ok here is where it starts to get interesting, the minigame essentially revolves around a location called "Moonlight Inn" which is located in IC market district. If you entered by the city gates leading to the imperial prison, all you need to do is turn left and run to the end of the alley.

The minigame's central character is Cherry who acts as the quest hub and provider of certain 'alchemical supplements' that boost your 'performance'

The theme of the game is to get jiggy with it with females while you progress along the main game story, or you could just dedicate your time to maxing your stats.


There is no 'point' or 'endgame' to this minigame, once you have acheived all the quests and achieveable achievements the game just carries on, however, completing the 'main quest' grants you ownership of the Moonlight Inn and Cherry's atelier (Which I believe is the rough equalvalent of a whorehouse in japanese) and 5 companion characters that have a very unique ability.....which I will tell more about later :D


Cherry - Owner of the Moonlight Inn and central quest giver

Location - Moonlight Inn

Occupation - Alchemist of 'Pleasure' potions

Sex notes - EXTREMELY HARD, she can be considered the End Boss, you will likely burn through 2 years worth of strong potions of respite to defeat her. Will need the 'philter' special item and 'squeeze breast milk' ability to defeat her the first time.

Note : after completing the quest "Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn" she will become an invitable companion

Celine - Girl in Moonlight Inn (lvl 15)

Location - Moonlight Inn

occupation - Whore, what else? :)

Sex notes - She is considered the easiest girl and will likely be your first screwmate until higher H Skill levels.

Note : after completing the quest "Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn" she will become an invitable companion

Stacea - Girl in Moonlight Inn (lvl 30)

Location - Moonlight Inn

occupation - Whore, what else? :)

Sex notes - I am not entirely sure if the lvl shown has anything directly to do with difficulty but it seems to be so....anyhow stacea is another early screwmate.

Note : after completing the quest "Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn" she will become an invitable companion

Linea - Girl in Moonlight Inn (lvl 45)

Location - Moonlight Inn

occupation - Whore, what else? :)

Sex notes - Same as celine and stacea

Note : after completing the quest "Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn" she will become an invitable companion

Rena - Girl in Moonlight Inn (lvl 60)

Location - Moonlight Inn

occupation - Whore, what else? :)

Sex notes - This one is slightly tougher than the rest and should provide a challenge, however all 4 girls provide the same amount of H skill advancement per screw throughout the minigame.

Note : after completing the quest "Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn" she will become an invitable companion

Alisia - Rival Alchemist to Cherry

Location - Anvil near the main gate

occupation - Alchemist of pleasure

Sex notes - This is the first 'Boss' so to speak in the main quest chain. She can be very tough to those who don't understand how the 'sex system' works, so I would suggest you get your H skill to at least 10 and get lots of practice on the Moonlight girls before attempting her.

Target of quest : Recover the stolen sperm


Eletta Caro - Innocent virgin with a big mouth

Location - Inside Leyawiin castle

occupation - Daughter of the Earl of Leyawiin

Sex notes - She is pretty difficult and may require alot of potions of respite to make it through (read chug-a-lug)To defeat her you MUST make her cum 10 times (cast ST 10 times in cumming mode) or you CANNOT WIN, repeat she must orgasm 10 times. if you don't make it YOU will faint no matter how much green bar you have left.

Target of quest : Silence the Earl's daughter


Flora - Loanshark and 'performance' potion chugger

Location - IC The arcane University

Occupation - Magus and sex potion addict

Sex notes : I hope you gotta big cahuna.....better yet, 3 years supply of strong pots of respite, note that she has the ability 'alter-invitation' which reduces the her excitement level....bad for you

Target of quest : Recover the deed to the Moon Light Inn


Sex system

Ok please bear with me as I try to explain how this works

1) When you start the game you will be given the ability 'Sexual temptation' and a 'sex diary'

2) Sexual temptation - Must be equipped in your spell slot throughout a screwing session and works as the 'initiate sex' button as well as the 'thrusting motion' button that will advance the girl to the next stage of sex when the time is right.

note : if you do not cast sexual temptation at any time during the encounter for more that 25secs you will get a message (sexual temptation wearing off) and the girl will glow purple, which gives you 5 secs to cast it or the encounter will end. 15 H skill grants you an extra 5 secs, 25 H skill grants you an extra 10 secs.

3) Starting an encounter : equip ST (Sexual temptation) in your active cast and cast it at a girl (or guy....if thats what cranks your shaft) she will automatically assume a random position (you can unlock more positions as your H Skill gets higher)

4) Cast ST again to begin sex

5) now you will notice that your fatigue and magicka bars are starting to move, in a nutshell, during sex your fatigue bar is your sex energy left and the magicka bar is her sex energy left. After checking the complex script formula it also appears that the higher your fatigue bar, the faster her magicka bar drops

note : it does NOT matter how much fatigue points you have, the game script disregards your actual magicka and fatigue numbers and assigns them as percentages (100%) and will tick in percentage points in relation to your H skill and her difficulty level.

6) basically when her energy level (lets call it the Blue bar) drops below 60%, she will glow white, at this point you can cast ST again and she will proceed to the next sex stage (2 times speed)

note : the sex stage trigger values appears to be (Blue bar) 75%, 55%, 30%, 20% and 10% according to the script.

7) at Blue bar 55% she will glow white again and you can cast ST to advance to 3 times speed. at this point if you cast ST again you will initiate the 'cum inside her' script and will drain your fatigue like crazy, the point is that you should wait until the blue bar is as low as possible (while maintaining your green bar as far above the blue bar as possible) before cumming.

Important note : once she reaches stage 3 (can cum inside her) if you opt to wait alittle longer for 30% and 20% (if you have the H skill/green bar for it) she will glow green and you will get quad speed mode (stage 4), casting ST again at this point will enter overdrive mode. Waiting some more will yield 5 times speed mode, doing the same will go into sex hyperdrive. There is only 5 stages so once you get the electric spell effects and see yourself on fire at stage 5, that the max you can go, the next ST cast will initiate 'fill her cunt with my sperm'. The benefits of waiting to stage 5 is that you can sustain much more multiple orgasms by the girl (see below).

8) when in the 'cum inside her' mode, casting ST again will fire another load of cum into her (and counts as another orgasm point for her) you can basically cast ST over and over until

a) you run out of green bar and faint (lose)

b) you run out of sperm.

so balancing how much you can handle becomes important.

9) Once you stop casting ST during the Cumming mode, depending on the girl's difficulty level it can take between 4-8 seconds before she faints (You win!) if you run out of green bar at any point before she faints you will lose the encounter and likely lose health (or die if you have low health ;P).

note : during the cumming mode it is VERY EASY to drain out your green bar instantaneously, so if this is one fuck you can't afford to lose, i suggest mashing your drink potion hotkey till the girl faints :)

10) After the girl faints she will glow green, at this point casting ST on her will 'capture her essences',that is, give you sperm (which can be traded to Cherry for potions) and soup (sex potions to use during sex)

So that is the sex system in a nutshell!

Potions : During sex you can open your menu and drink some 'Soup' potions (If I'm not wrong, 'soup' is japanese colloquial for the stuff that leaks out of a girl's pussy after a guy comes inside her, essentially, a mixture of Hers and His :D) but in this game Cherry uses the sperm you gather from the girl after giving her a good seeing to and mixing up these super sex performance boosters

There are several classes of potions for in sex use, and they all have the word 'soup' in them. if they do NOT have the word soup, then you could be looking at a potion for some other occasion. I will try to classify them later on but right now this is too much to write already.

Special abilities : Of course as you progress you will get special abilities like make the girl drink "Philter" which is an aphrodisiac and "suck her breast milk" which boosts your green bar and drains her blue bar. As with the potions I'll try to classify them all later.


Brief walkthrough

To start the main quest you need to go to the Moonlight Inn (Located in IC market district) and talk to Cherry, the proprietor of this fine establishment, then you must opt to pay her 100g to gain access to the upstairs room as described below :

1) Successfully screw all 4 girls in the moonlight Inn

Pay Cherry 100g to use the Moonlight Inn's 'services' and basically stay in there and don't come back till you've beaten all 4 girls! (If you leave the Inn you will neeed to pay another 100g to use the Inn again) after which she will give you the next quest.

2) Recover the stolen sperm

Go to anvil, watch alisia use a stolen ability to seduce a townsman into screwing her and then stealing his sperm when he faints. After which do battle with her, defeat her to recover the stolen sperm and return to


note : Her special ability is called 'invitation' which basically advances the sex mode to double speed, this can be bad if you are not prepared for it as it drains your green bar rapidly. Drink Potion! :)

Reward : Physique selection ring (Pressing shift when casting ST brings up a sex position menu to choose)

3) Silence the Earl's daughter

Eletta Caro saw her ol'dad using the Moonligh Inn's "services" and is threatening to tell her mom, who will shut poor Cherry and her girls down! Cherry wants you to 'silence' her but doesn't want you to assassinate her as that would hurt her business with Eletta's dad ;)

So what's a stud like you to do? well charm her into silence.....via her pants

Sneaking into the Caro estate can be tricky, Cherry tells you to try entering during daylight hours to avoid Eletta's parents, but be warned there are servants and family who will attack you if you are caught in the private residences or worse.....while you are "persuading" the girl.

Important note : To defeat her you MUST make her orgasm 10 times (cast ST 10 times while in cumming inside her mode) if you do not achieve this you will lose no matter how much green bar you have left.

After defeating her (and its tough, hope you have 20 or so H skill, and lots of pots because of the 10 orgasm requirement) you get the dialogue option of 'Purelove method' or 'devil method'....In other words you can tell her that her first time (btw she is a virgin) was oh so right and that you will come back and marry her, OR you can threaten her, humiliate her by saying that you have stolen her first time and she is defiled and not eligible to be married off.

It doesn't matter which option you choose, she will agree to keep silent about her father's indiscretions and you can return to Cherry mission accomplished. (If you chose 'Pure Love' you don't actually have to marry case you were worried :)

Upon returning to the Moonlight Inn you realise that Cherry is not in the shop, some mangled text box is basically telling you to check the basement. The door that says 'cherry's atelier' is the one you need. In the basement you catch Cherry drinking a potion called a 'philter' (super aphrodisiac) and then she gets off in front of you. after she is done (you can actually stay behind the pillar and she will run her 'get herself off' script over and over until you walk up to her)

After giving myself a headache trying to figure out what she was saying to me here is the scoop :

Cherry is very hard to please, even pleasuring herself is hard for her, hence she started developing all these sex potions in the hopes that she could cure herself of her inability to orgasm. Th philter is her latest invention, which she gives a bottle to you (and now you can exchange 5 sperm (average) for)

At this point you cannot have sex with her yet, you need to leave the Moonlight inn and come back in for her to update the next quest.

4) Recover the deed to the MoonLight Inn

When you next come back in the Moonlight Inn, Cherry is troubled, when you ask her whats the trouble, it appears that she has gotten herself in a load of debt when she started her business and now the loanshark wants her money back...with interest otherwise she will shutdown the moonlight innand take all of Cherry's hard work and research.

After offering to help her, she directs you to her creditor Flora who is in the Arcane University in IC, once you find Flora, you can opt to pay the 40,000G for the deed (I didn't try this) or you could just bang her brains out (as the text so succinctly put it :)

Now as a self respecting stud I'm going to assuming you are short on cash and long on sperm so here's the scoop.

She is very very hard AND she has a special ability called 'alter-invitation' which she uses when she hits 50% give or take, basically it reverses your hard (pumped?) gains and lowers her by 1 sex stage, you need to time your thrusts (cast ST) so that you can push her into stage 3 and position for the 'prepare to cum inside her', I've tried various methods but the only way to do it unless you have VERY high H skill like 200 is to mash your potions of respite until she faints. If your H skill is too low one drain on your green bar and its lights out.

After you defeat her, (again the translation mangling) she goes on to tell you that she guesses that the secret potions that Cherry had made was not strong enough yet, so repossessing the alchemy shop won't do much good (seeing that you defeated her when she was using the stolen 'alter-invitation' ability) apparently she wants to be a man killer (not too sure if I got this one right) and was hoping that by repossessing the shop she can lay her hands on Cherry's formulae.

In short order she gives you the deed to the shop for free with the promise that when Cherry develops an ultra potion, she will get first dibs.

Reward : Moonlight Inn Deed and key

New Owner of the Moonlight Inn!

Once you return to Cherry with the deed in hand, she is stunned and asks you if you paid for her massive debt. Whether you lie about it or tell the truth it makes no difference. She will be deeply grateful and offer to offset the effort you put into recovering the deed with whatever gold she can give.

You could respond by saying there is no need or demand that she pay with her body. Regardless of choice, she declares that since you recovered the deed, you are the new owner of the Moonlight Inn (Moonlight Inn functions like any house that you can buy) but unlike normal houses, this one is stocked with women AND every now and then you can talk to Cherry for the shop earnings Also you no longer need to pay 100g to sleep with the women upstairs *yippeee!*

You can now also take Cherry or any of the girls on 'Dates' aka traveling companions, but note you can only take one at any time (They say 'You are already dating another babe' haha) they come with pretty powerful weapons and are 'essential' NPCs so they cannot die and just get knocked unconscious in battle Cherry comes with a lightning staff for example.

note : A side mini quest for the house is that if you keep the 4 girls disposition to you very high, the shop will earn more gold, so pay them a visit now and then to fuck them happy or bribe them happy.....tough choice eh?, If you take Cherry away as a travelling companion it also affects the earnings of the shop, though I haven't tested this, it looks like that in the script.

Reward : Access to Philter aphrodisiac, Press P during sex to make a girl drink it, will drain her blue bar and boost your green bar significantly. Using it outside of sex will make her pleasure herself in front of you.

5) Defeat Cherry in Sex (Endgame)

Now you can finally stick your key in her keyhole (haha??) a brief message informing you that the atmosphere with Cherry is favorable now and that you can try your luck will pop up.

Note: As can be expected, Cherry is INSANELY hard, she has all the abilities of the previous bosses (Invitation/Alter-invitation) and I've noticed that it's impossible to get her below 50% without using the Philter and Sucking her milk. For your 1st attempt I suggest wham bam thank you ma'am. That is pop her cherry (haha?) press P to force Philter aphrodisiac down her throat, pop a milk squeeze potion and a Super H pot and fast track it to stage 3, shoot your load in her once and then DRINK POTS FOR DEAR LIFE.

If you manage to defeat her, you will find out that she is a virgin (and wonder how she has such amazing prowess even though she never did it before) I think in Japanese colloquialism she represents the ultimate conquest (which probably doesn't exist :p).

Later in the achievements miniquests (This one which involves causing 256 multiple orgasms in a girl) she will look at you wistfully and plead with you to make love to her and give her a 10 in a row muliple orgasm WITHOUT THE USE OF THE PHILTER. I wish you luck on that one :p

Congratulations! You've completed the Sexlivion maingame! Now you can concentrate on the side quests (When in dialogue with Cherry, it's the line that says 'H experience report'

Sidequests / Achievements

H Virus infection - Get H virus once (Which gives instructions on the cure and what happens if you do girls while having the virus - which is it may kill them...or you :p)

Cutting achievement of 50/100 people - screw 50 different girls (gives you the ability to see if your mark is a virgin. 100 Girls (You get ability to see more info when you cast ST, too lazy to translate atm)

Ten Virgin Achievement - screw 10 virgins (Gives Dust Brod and makes it available for exchange using sperm, dust brod cures H virus)

Milk 50g - Drink 50g of breast milk (using the mothers milk acclerant and suck breast ability only) : completing this will give you a milking machine to lighten a girl's 'load' if you stocked up her breasts and she is overencumbered :p

Milk 100g achievement - Drink 100g of breast milk : completing this and answering that you didn't eat any food and just drank breast milk will give you access to reinforced mother's milk giving it to a girl to drink (via a hotkey for the potion) will make her milk heal more in battle and restore more green bar in sex.

Mulitple orgasms - 10 times, 100 times (Gives access to energy reinforcement potion which refills your tanks with ALOT of sperm) and 256 times, then Cherry will ask you to do her for a 10 orgasm session WITHOUT USING THE PHILTER on her completing this will give you access to the 'Invitation' potion which advances the sex stage without needing to wait for the girl to glow white.

Moonlight Inn Companions primer

After you become the owner of the Moonlight Inn, you can invite Cherry or any of the 4 girls to travel with you

They function as any other companion except for some very interesting abilities

During/after combat they can use the following abilities

Sperm attack - "It peels off and sperm was thrown out".....or SOMETHING like that, what it roughly means is that she tossed a sperm grenade :O the effect is debatable, I haven't really figured it out yet...

Oppai spell - Translated as a crude way of saying breasts or tits, If you are injured after battle the girl will automatically let you suck her milk, which recovers your health and fatigue! :D :D :D
Note : For the oppai spell, you need to have milk in her to begin with, fill her up with the mother's milk accelerant. Also if you 'upgraded' her with reinforced mother's milk, the effect is much greater. You can also initiate the spell by pressing the O key during battle as a battle heal! But during the time you are sucking her, she will be immobile and cannot fight even though you can still move.

Using Special abilities

Select sex position (If you have the Sex position selector ring) : Shift + C (Spell is sexual temptation of course)

You get a new sex position with the following H skill levels
15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 (10 positions in total inclusive of starter pose)

Refill Girl with Milk (Mothers milk accelerant)must have > 70 disposition : press Shift + O

Suck a girl's breasts for milk (usable during or outside of sex) :Press O
note : Each sucking is approx 0.4g of milk once she runs out you need to exchange sperm for more accelerant to refill her. This ability will be superceded by 'Reinforced mother's milk' (more health/green bar recovery) if you complete the milk 100g achievement.

Use milking machine (adds a bottle of Milk thickness to inventory) : press Alt + O

Use Philter (if not in sex mode, girl will play with herself) must have > 90 disposition : press P

Soup exchange (trading sperm with Cherry)

This section has been removed now that it's all in shouldn't need it right?

Do note that some potions need to be unlocked, check the original guide if you insist on knowing which ones exactly

Now I leave you with some interesting console commands to help ease the pain of levelling to H skill 100 :)

set psoglobalskill to # (Sets your H Skill * must be same number as psoglobalprevskill)

set psoglobalprevskill to # (Sets your H skill * must be same number as psoglobalskill)

WARNING : Setting your H skill ultra high e.g 9999 may make screwing Cherry a walk in the park but will cause a small bug on lesser mortals (lower level girls) in which it takes forever to see their blue bar start to decrease. This is a mathematical problem in the script as it uses ratio percentages to calculate the drain on the blue/green bar during sex. In other words set high for cherry but for other girl's you may want to lower your godliness :p

set PSOGlobalExpCount to # (Sets the total number of different girls screwed)

set PSOGlobalWin to # (Sets number of winning fucks)

set PSOGlobalLose to # (Sets the number of losing fucks)

set PSOGlobalFinish to # (Sets number of sexual encounters *separate from number of different girls screwed)

set PSOGlobalMaxCombo to # (Sets the highest number of multiple orgasms achieved)

set PSOGlobalVirCount to # (Number of Virgins screwed)

set PSOGlobalDeadCount to # (Number of girls killed by your manly thrusts! :D)

set PSOGlobalRape to # (Number of girls raped *to rape a girl, find a hostile female npc and cast ST on her while fighting her, if she dies after that it counts towards kills as well)

set PSOGlobalMilkAmount to # (Sets the amount of milk you have suck out of a girl's breasts to date *using the milking machine doesn't count to this number, only using the suck breasts ability outside of a sex encounter will add to this counter)

set PSOGlobalSeed to # (Set how much sperm you have left in your tanks)

set PSOGlobalHVirus to 0 (removes the sexually transmitted disease you cad! :p on a side note if you screw girls while carrying this disease you will get a chance that the girl will die (or you too) after sex if you want to give ppl HIV set this to 1 :o)

set PSOGlobalStartDate to # (tells the game when you first started having sex, not much use except for padding your conquest ratio.................)


Acknowledgements / Credits

The unnamed Japanese author(s) of the original sexlivion mod (Our gratitude to you is forever!)

Sinderella of, if I hadn't seen your work on the original translations I would NEVER have known about this mod to begin with!

RAIAR and Exnem for their most EXCELLENT female body replaces and textures!

Robert2, without whose male body replacer the world would be a much duller place

Alienslof... If you see my screenies you know exactly what I mean, and also for her tireless efforts to this artform

Elys. for her Universal silent voice that makes reading text a joy instead of a pain

ALL the authors of the stuff found in the Oblivion Pose Pack and Erotic Oblivion Pose Pack

Buddah, LHammonds for your tireless work on this site!

Anyone else who helped make this possible!

Also to Montana who made the sexy companion mod....If only I could figure out how to incorporate his set pos system that would align the PC and the girls up during the 'act' to make this even more complete!


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