HGEC GUTS Indigo Armor - Slash 197 and Ozmo and Desuchan

Download Link : HGEC GUTS Indigo Armor
Version : 1.0
Category : Armor/armour
Ozmo's Indigo Armor converted to HGEC GUTS. Includes Desuchan's Amaranth, Emerald, Monochrome and Periwinkle retextures.

Located in a chest in the same Imperial City Market District Pond as the original Indigo Armor. The chest is set to respawn.

Full installation and uninstallation information are included in the readme.

Known Issues/Bugs:

1.0; 10/19/2008; Initial release

RAIR for the HG Eyecandy body
Exnem for the Original Eyecandy body
Ozmo for the original Indigo Armor
Desuchan for the Indigo Armor retextures
Bethesda for Oblivion

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