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Version : 1.3
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Morrowind Launcher ExtendedI expect to get a lot of trolling on this, because it is very simple and that is apparently a crime on the internet. All I have to say is, if you don't like it, IGNORE it.

A simple program for compiling all of your Morrowind programs to make one easy desktop shortcut.

Ever get tired of having 20 programs to get Morrowind to work the way you want it? Oblivion has several things that compile all of it's programs into one launcher, and after hours of searching, I had no luck finding one for Morrowind.

This mod that is not a mod gives you a simple ".BAT" program that is pre-set to run several Morrowind related programs. All you do is run the file, enter a number, and press return. That simple. Kind of old technology, and I know someone will epically pwn me, but it is a temporary program until that happens.

Here is a listing of what the options do.

Main Menu:
Play - Starts Morrowind.
Data Files - Starts Morrowind Mod Manager.
Options - Opens a new menu for options.
Website - Brings up the official website.
Tech Support - Brings up a Tech Support menu.
Construction Set - Starts the CS.
Exit - Exits.

Options Menu:
Graphics Extender Settings - Starts Morrowind Graphics Extender option menu.
Code Patch Settings - Starts the Morrowind Code Patch settings.
Main Menu - Takes you back to the main menu.
Exit - Exits.

Tech Support Menu:
Readme - Brings up the Morrowind readme file.
Ubi Soft - Brings up "Bethseda.txt" in the Morrowind folder.
Program Flow - Brings up "ProgramFlow.txt" in the Morrowind folder.
Warnings - Brings up the "Warnings.txt" file in the Morrowind folder.
Main Menu - Brings you back to the main menu.
Exit - Exits.

* Morrowind

* Morrowind Mod Manager
* Morrowind Code Patch
* Morrowind Graphics Extender

All you have to do is download the main file, and extract in a temporary location. Move the ".bat" files (or just "the files without an icon, depending on how you have your computer set up) to your main Morrowind folder. Put the shortcut on your desktop (which should already have the Morrowind icon). Do whatever you want with the readme, and be happy!

* If Morrowind is not installed in the standard location (c:\program files\bethesda softworks\morrowind), the entire thing will not work. See the readme for instructions on how to edit the file for that fix.

* This will work if you do not have all of the recommended programs, even though there are shortcuts to them in the program. Just ignore them. If you MUST get rid of them if you have OCD like I do, there is a tutorial for adding/removing shortcuts in the readme too.

* Under the Tech Support area, you may get an error message from trying to access some of them, because not all games have the text files. You may want to just use the original launcher for that.

You may use this in anything you want. All I ask is that you give me credits, and send me an e-mail at Thank you.

Me (Lexgroh) - Wrote the program out.
Scent Tree - Gave me the idea to do this with his Oblivion Mod Manager Extended extender thing. (In particular, the screenshot named launcher)
Bethseda - Made the most epic games ever, Morrowind and Oblivion.

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